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woman done packing for treatment

Packing for Detox and/or Treatment

What do you pack when you’re going away for detox or treatment? Most drug treatment facilities have a list of items you can and cannot

mentally healthy man

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Mental health is often thought of as a “buzz word” in modern life. It’s an easy term to throw around when you’re talking about wellness

woman detoxing from alcohol

Detoxing from Alcohol: What to Expect

Addiction to alcohol is a problem in pretty much every country in the world. You probably know that alcohol addiction is dangerous. Is detoxing from

serious woman

Understanding Gabapentin Abuse

Gabapentin is a prescription drug with a variety of uses, primarily for people with seizure disorders. People can abuse it by taking it with other

new passions in recovery

Finding Your Passions in Recovery

Sobriety is a new territory for most people in recovery. If you’re in treatment, you’ll probably have your days and hours planned out. Once you’re

man at road emotional regulation

Learning Emotional Regulation

Everyone who is new to recovery arrives with raw emotions. After all, you have probably been stuffing them deep inside for a while. Now that