Pet-Friendly Detox in Orange County, California

What is a Pet-Friendly Detox Program?

There’s a special love shared between a pet and its owner. Our dogs are more than just pets to us, they’re part of the family and they provide us comfort and familiarity. That’s why some drug and alcohol detox and rehab centers choose to be pet-friendly, allowing clients to bring their pet with them to treatment. 

For some people seeking treatment, the thought of leaving their pet behind while going to addiction treatment is troubling and can even keep them from getting the help they need. If you love your pet and can’t imagine attending detox without taking your friend with you, you’re in luck. There are pet-friendly detox centers right here in Orange County, California. 

Why Bring a Pet to Drug or Alcohol Detox?

The old saying that a dog is “man’s best friend” is true. Pets provide a special kind of comfort that is unlike any other support. They love unconditionally, and for some people with addiction, their pet is the only support they have. So, when you’re looking for a detox center, finding a pet-friendly program can help you get started with recovery while keeping your pet by your side. 

Oftentimes, when you’re going through a challenging time or you’re stressed and depressed, it isn’t words of advice that you need, it’s comfort. Detox and rehab programs can be challenging at time, so having your pet with you can give you a level of comfort that you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

The mental health and addiction professionals in a pet-friendly detox center stand by the healing powers of pets. Pets are able to calm you down when you’re anxious during high-risk stressful times. Whether your pet is there to calm your anxiety or just lift your spirits, its presence is irreplaceable at an inpatient detox or rehab program. 

Benefits of Attending a Pet-Friendly Detox in Orange County, CA

Your pet’s unwavering love is obviously a great help to you when you’re facing the difficulties of addiction treatment and recovery. Pets don’t care about your circumstances they just care about you. They demonstrate loyalty and affection when you’re going through a difficult time. In treatment and recovery, your pet’s company can be beneficial in the following ways: 

Emotional Stability – Pets give you love and affection without asking anything in return. For people with addiction, this is a priceless and valuable quality because drug and alcohol addiction often rob them of the things they hold dear. The companionship of a pet helps addicted individuals by boosting their morale and helping to heal their emotional damages. They also provide support and comfort throughout the detox process, making managing withdrawal symptoms and connecting with others during treatment easier. 

Interpersonal Skills – A pet-friendly detox program is obviously one that adheres to a holistic approach. You’ll develop empathy and cultivate traits that will improve the way you interact with others. There is no argument that having positive contact with people is needed to protect sobriety. There is no easier way to connect with people than with pets around. That will improve your relationships with peers and loved ones, which is a huge benefit in establishing stable recovery.

Self-Care – The sense of responsibility you have for your pet can encourage you to take better care of yourself. Taking care of your pet’s well-being may just help increase your own self-care habit.

Inspiration – If you go to a pet-friendly addiction treatment center, your pet can go along with you. Having that reminder, that there is life beyond treatment, is often helpful. It tells you that you have a life to get back to. This simple fact can give you the inspiration and motivation to stay focused on your recovery goals – to stay clean and sober and live a fulfilling and happy life. 

Responsibility – Taking care of a pet anywhere is a responsibility. In a pet-friendly detox or rehab center, therapists will take advantage of that by including therapies that help you rebuild your self-esteem. These therapies will help you understand that your pet is your responsibility, and it requires attention, care, and love. This encourages you to follow and maintain a healthy routine, which is necessary to break the cycle of addiction. 

In addition to the above benefits of a pet-friendly detox program, quality time with a pet has been shown to improve the both the physical and emotional health of the owner. 

Why Go to Pet-Friendly Detox in Orange County, CA? 

If you or your loved one is struggling in the grips of drug or alcohol addiction, there is good news for you. Addiction, though not curable, is treatable. It is possible to manage your addiction and to live a new, sober and fulfilling life. You’ll begin your addiction treatment by attending a detoxification program. During that program, your body will rid itself of any substances you’ve been using. It’s important to go to a detox center that is medically supervised. That means that you will be monitored medically during the program. The medical professionals at the detox center will take your vitals regularly and help you manage withdrawal symptoms. Some substances have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, so having medical professionals right there with you makes it safer and more comfortable than trying it yourself at home. 

Once you finish detox, you will be ready to begin your addiction treatment. Completing detox means that you will have a clear head and a healthier body to start your new treatment. It’s often recommended that people with addictions go to an inpatient treatment program. There, you will address the problems or issues that might be underlying causes of your addiction. You’ll receive psychiatric care, addiction education, therapy (individual and group), learn coping skills, relapse prevention, and much more.  

Pet-Friendly Drug and Alcohol Detox in OC

Recovery from addiction is far more than just getting clean and sober. It’s a complete change in lifestyle and coping skills. It’s developing a different way of doing things. Detox from drugs and alcohol is a positive first step, but it’s just that – a first step. For ongoing, long-term recovery, it’s critical that your addiction treatment extends beyond detox. 

Going to a pet-friendly addiction treatment program ensures that you’re not only making good decisions about your life and you’re ready to do the hard work of recovery, but that you’ll feel more comfortable and loved while you do it. 

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