How Alcohol Rehabs in Orange County Can Help

Alcohol can add an enjoyable element to our lives. We enjoy alcohol when socializing, with meals, and during celebrations. While drinking alcohol is common in today’s society and can be a part of a happy and healthy lifestyle, there is a risk for many individuals who carry a predisposition to become addicted. When a casual use of alcohol becomes obsessive overconsumption, alcohol rehab is available to help individuals overcome their substance abuse. Treatment options must be medically appropriate, affordable, and ideally located in an environment that enhances an individual’s overall health and wellness.

Orange County, California offers a destination for recreation, rest, and rehabilitation. The climate and surroundings based on luxury, beauty, and style provide an oasis for mind, body, and soul. While it may seem contradictory to expect to discover effective alcohol rehab in such an environment, Orange County is perfectly conducive to renewing the self and overcoming the trappings of addiction. Orange County alcohol rehab offers residential, long-term, short-term, and outpatient alcohol rehabilitation care centers.

What Is an Alcohol Rehab Center?

Residential Treatment Centers, RTC’s are most commonly known as “rehab”. These facilities offer behavioral, substance, and mental health treatment, care, and support. Alcohol Treatment Centers provide more than treatment, they provide strategies and tools for the addicted individual to learn and apply in their lives as they move from rehab back to their daily lives. The goal of a residential treatment center is to empower people to live productive lives, without the occasion of the presence of alcohol in their lives. The alcohol rehab’s goal is to provide therapy and opportunities to share their personal experiences and identify areas of improvement. Intensive treatment is available under medical supervision for those who are severely addicted. The residential treatment center is a safe space for alcohol recovery, both long and short term, with support for the individual’s family for follow-up care.

Different Types of Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs

As individuals vary, so do their needs. There are several types of alcohol rehabilitation centers and each specializes in a way to best serve its clients.

Long Term Care – Long-term care facilities offer intensive programs for alcohol addiction. These programs are typically found to be sixty days in length or longer. Upon entering a rehabilitation program the individual becomes a patient. Residential services are just that, a medically appropriate residence, in essence, the RTC becomes home to the individual for the duration of their treatment plan. Long-term care reduces distractions, eliminates the occasions where alcohol could be a temptation, and focuses on the patient’s whole person and wellness. Removing a patient from an environment where addiction is uncontrolled helps to support manage their progress and ongoing needs.

Short Term Care – Short-term care is typically based on a thirty-day and under the treatment plan. While residential in nature it is intended to remove the patient from their current unmanageable addiction, however with fewer long-term goals in mind. While often considered to be less effective than long-term care, under the right circumstances, a short-term program can set manageable goals in an effort to adapt an individual’s behaviors. Follow-up care is necessary for continued success once the patient is discharged from their short-term residency.

Outpatient Care – Many individuals prefer outpatient care, and will check in to the program for scheduled therapy sessions while still remaining in their own residence. Patients in outpatient programs must have at-home support systems and be determined to stay on track in their recovery. Short-term care patients often supplement their care with outpatient services. It is convenient for many and affordable. Outpatient services have proven to be less effective than the long-term counterparts.

Luxury Care Facilities – Luxury residential care offers alcohol treatment and care in a luxury, spa-like resort environment. More often when we think of celebrities entering treatment programs, they are utilizing a luxury care program.

Length of Time to Complete Residential Alcohol Rehab

The time for residential recovery will vary per individual. There are typical timeframes that can be expected. A patient in a long-term facility can expect a stay of more than thirty days and are usually sixty days or more. Long-term care may extend for several months. Short-term care patients have an expectation of twenty to thirty days but not more than. Outpatient care involves services that may be daily to several times per week and taper off as the patient improves and as finances allow.

What is the Cost for Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, CA?

The cost of alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA ranges from $3,000 to $50,000 and above. Outpatient and short-term care may be billable to private insurance, luxury care, as the name indicates will be on the higher end of the cost per treatment spectrum.

What to Expect During Alcohol Rehab

During alcohol rehab, a patient can expect a complete removal of alcohol and the ability to obtain it. Outpatient services may provide a case manager to follow up on care and inquire about the individual’s progress. Short and Long Term residents can expect to experience a time of social distancing from family and friends, meals, small group, and individual talk therapy and instruction. Patients may experience withdrawal symptoms for which medical care will be provided. Treatment and behavior modification plans will be implemented and monitored. Those who are in a warm and welcoming facility can expect to receive spa treatments, comfortable accommodations, gourmet meals and exercise; yoga, meditations.

Choosing the Right Alcohol Rehab Facility in Orange County

Knowing what your needs and expectations of care are is a vital component to choosing the right alcohol rehab facility. Researching treatment plans, costs, and visiting locations for a tour and more information is vital to making the right choice.

When making the decision to enter into an alcohol treatment program there are factors that must be considered. Understanding the patient’s needs is the top priority. Physical needs, financial needs, and the extent of treatment required are all areas that must be fully understood and fully addressed.

Why Choose True Life Recovery in Orange County, CA?

True Life Recovery is located in beautiful Orange County CA. Here a patient will identify their addiction needs and work through recovery in a spa-like setting that will speak to the patient’s total wellness. Making connections from physical needs to mental well-being plays its role in healing is core to the True Life Recovery treatment program. Patients are treated as treasured clients while experiencing whole healing with a plan to move forward into their best life and future.

If you or a loved one are experiencing alcohol addiction, help is available. Consider your needs and seek a level of care that will speak to the client’s whole self; mind, body, and spirit. Consider the opportunity to experience a world-class detox center near you in Orange County, CA – where addiction recovery is specialized in the resort and relaxing climates. Your best life and recovery are the top priority. Schedule your treatment today.

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