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Vivitrol and Medication-Assisted Treatment

Vivitrol is a medication-assisted treatment option for people who want to quit using opioids or alcohol. People take it to reduce cravings and avoid the potential for relapse. Vivitrol contains the drug naltrexone, which is in a class of drugs called opioid antagonists. They can help prevent cravings for opioids or alcohol in newly sober people.

People who take Vivitrol should be sober for a specific amount of time, monitored by a doctor, and have gone through medical detox.

Many people start taking Vivitrol in the early stages of their recovery while they are in programs like substance abuse treatment or sober housing. Some people end up starting Vivitrol when they are incarcerated, making their chance of relapse less likely when they are released.

People who take Vivitrol usually get it as a once-a-month injection through their buttocks or shoulder.

Who Should Use Vivitrol?

Men and women can take Vivitrol safely, but it has to be prescribed and monitored. To get a prescription for Vivitrol, you will need to see a Medication-Assisted Treatment provider.

Most of the people who take the drug do so because they have a substance use disorder. People addicted to either opioids or alcohol may benefit from taking it once they have detoxed completely. Most people who take Vivitrol do so at the same time they are participating in drug or alcohol treatment programs, therapy, and/or 12-step meetings.

Treating Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction are both serious disorders that are a public health problem. Hundreds of thousands of people in America have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder every year. Many overdose, lose their jobs, and have other issues associated with their substance use.

Nobody starts using drugs because they want to become addicted. It’s a process that often hits people by surprise. Addiction causes changes in a person’s brain. You may end up craving more and more of the substance as you try to get the effect you once loved.

Addiction is a serious disease. Many people who have drug or alcohol problems take Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) alongside an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Getting sober requires more than just taking medication.

People have much better chances for long-term sobriety when they participate in a drug treatment program and learn more about their addiction. Through treatment, you can begin to reclaim your life and learn new coping patterns. Most importantly, you’ll never be alone, even on your more challenging days. You’ll learn how to stay sober and keep reaching towards your goals.

Getting Help for Addiction

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