Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Orange County, CA

When you’re looking to detox from drugs and alcohol, there’s no better place to do it than Orange County, CA. This location is one of the best for detoxing because it offers a beautiful, relaxing, and serene place to let go of addiction and create a brand new life.

What Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

When you become dependent on drugs and alcohol, your body has a hard time letting go of it. It fights to keep having those drugs and alcohol part of your body’s system. This is why addiction recovery is so difficult. The good news is that drug and alcohol detox centers in Orange County, CA can make it easier.

By having experienced medical staff by your side while you detox, it won’t be as easy to give up. This is one of the most common reasons people can’t stop using. They simply can’t get through the withdrawal symptoms that come along with detox. Going to an Orange County drug and alcohol detox center increases your chances of addiction recovery greatly.

Once your body detoxes from drugs and alcohol, you will move on to the next part of recovering from addiction. It includes therapy and education, so you can heal from the inside out and learn what to do when you start craving or feeling as though life is just too hard to do with the help of a substance.

Different Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

There are different types of drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County and throughout the nation. Most of the detox centers offer residential treatment along with the detox portion of the rehab.

Programs range from being short to long stays in a facility. Many people find being in a residential treatment facility to be much more effective for them when battling an addiction.

Once detox is over, patients move on to another part of treatment – therapy and education.

There are also outpatient treatment options for people after they detox. This may include receiving medication to help remain sober and therapy – individual and group. It can also include workshops and classes to learn more about addiction and recovery.

Length of Time to Complete Drug and Alcohol Program

The length of time to complete drug and alcohol detox depends on how long it takes for the body to function without the drugs and alcohol. While the body withdraws from drugs and alcohol, you will receive help from medical professionals and care staff to help you through the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the detox.

Usually, people don’t need prescription drugs to get through the detox period, but some people do. The fortunate thing is that whatever you need when you’re going through detox in a facility you will receive. This means you can safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol successfully.

What Is the Cost for Drug and Alcohol Center in Orange County, CA

Detox can range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on what you need while going through the process. Any medical needs during the detox process can increase the cost of the time you spend at the facility, which is a consideration when you’re on a budget.

Fortunately, insurance can cover the cost of drug and alcohol detox in Orange County. People who have Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or Tricare may not have to pay anything for the care they receive from the detox center. It’s important to check with the drug and alcohol rehab center and your insurance company before moving forward so you know your financial obligations.

What to Expect During Drug and Alcohol Recovery in Orange County

When you decide to go to a drug and alcohol detox center, you will first be assessed by a nurse and/or doctor. Within a few hours, many people start to feel withdrawal symptoms. They are mild at first and then become stronger over time.

Your vitals will be checked regularly and you may receive pain relievers such as Tylenol and/or ibuprofen to help ease the discomfort you may feel during the detox.

As the discomfort increases, you may need something stronger. The doctor can prescribe something for you so that you don’t feel so horrible as your body relearns to function without the drugs and alcohol in it.

In about three days, you may start to feel better. This is when other forms of treatment may come into play. This may include therapy – individual and group – that will help you understand how you became addicted and how you can recover from the addiction.

The rest of the time at the detox center will include learning about addiction and the process of recovery. This is so when you get home, you can continue the recovery process.

Choosing the Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab for You

You can choose the right drug and alcohol detox center for you by researching the ones you’re considering. You can first start with the center’s website. Usually, a good detox center will have an attractive website with a wealth of information. You can see pictures of the facility and learn about the programs they have available.

It’s also important to read reviews about the drug and alcohol detox centers you’re considering. While one or two bad reviews may not mean a place isn’t a good one, it can lead to finding out more about the quality of the programs offered. Keep an open mind until you can prove that the detox center is not a good one.

Cost is always a consideration so keep that in mind as you’re looking for a drug and alcohol detox center. Check to see if they accept your insurance and how much you’ll be responsible for if the insurance doesn’t cover all of it.

Why Choose True Life Recovery in Orange County, CA

True Life Recovery is one of the best detox centers in Orange County. You will feel as though you’re supported and cared for when you enter our facility. We will make you feel comfortable and help you successfully free yourself from the control addiction has over you.

True Life Recovery takes into account all of you – your mind and body. It is a holistic approach. After you go through detox of your body from drugs and alcohol, you will detox your mind and soul, so by the time you leave, you will be well on your way to recovering from addiction.

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