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Making Amends a Day at a Time

Do you have trouble building trust? Many people new to recovery have a history of doing things during their addiction that led to eroded relationships and loss of trust. When you get sober, you’ll probably be eager to rebuild these relationships. Making amends may be at the top of your agenda. But easy does it! You didn’t make all of your mistakes overnight. Don’t expect to make up for them so quickly.

Being a Better You

One of the people you owe the most significant amends is yourself. It may seem silly, but it’s true. You treated your body, mind, and soul poorly due to your addiction. You fed yourself poison and told yourself lies to keep going. Addiction is ugly, and it causes a lot of pain and shame.

Getting sober requires strength. Every day sober, you are making amends to your body. By staying the course in recovery, you are able to begin to nurture yourself. You’ll start to feel your feelings, care more about others, and learn to live a better life. Sometimes you need to be gentl and forgiving with yourself. You’re new to being sober, and you’re never going to be perfect. Your job is to stay sober, no matter what.

Making Amends With Loved Ones

Making amends is actually something you will tackle in detail when you do your fourth step in Alcoholics Anonymous or another 12-step program. It is later in your step work because you need to build a foundation before you start the difficult task of making amends. It can be an emotional and difficult process.

For today, with your loved ones, you can start to be a better person. Taking responsibility is part of that. If you make plans with your family, keep them. Do something selfless every once in a while. Help set up the chairs at therapy meetings. Offer to run errands for your parents.

Acting trustworthy builds trust, so don’t lie to others. If you’re having trouble being honest, talk to your sponsor or therapist about what’s going on. You may need to try family therapy or get other professional help to assist with the process of making amends.

Getting Sober

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