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Sharing Recovery With Parents

Many people in recovery have rocky relationships with their families. Whether there is disfunction or you’re carrying guilt and shame, it can be hard for

sponsor speaks with her mentee

How to Start Socializing in Recovery

Socializing can seem difficult in early recovery, even if a person made friends easily before. You may have once had a lot of friends before

support first 30 days of recovery group

The First 30 Days of Recovery

Many people wonder what to expect in the first 30 days of recovery. Choosing a life of recovery is choosing freedom from addiction. Recovery is

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Supporting Friends in Recovery

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are usually the gold standard of addiction treatment today. After all, once you have completed an inpatient detox or treatment

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Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous?

Do you or somebody you love drink too much, too often? Many people love a person who has an alcohol abuse disorder. Quitting alcohol can