Have to Stay Home? Don’t Isolate, Try Virtual Meetings

Many people in recovery have had to stay home for some time. Whether you’re staying indoors due to health concerns like COVID-19 or recovering from surgery or another illness, isolation can be painful. People, by nature, are social beings, and staying home alone can be lonely. Virtual meetings offer an opportunity to have a sense of support and 12-step community.

If you’re one of the people at high-risk for catching COVID-19, don’t be a hero. While your recovery comes first, you can’t work your program if you’re not alive. It can be confusing to know how to put your recovery first if you can’t go to a meeting but don’t make excuses. There are many options out there. Many of them are long-established and are a staple of recovery for chronically ill people.

Don’t let isolation become a problem for your recovery. If you’re forced by certain circumstances to stay home, you can still make alternative plans. Do something important for your recovery by making plans to stay sober and continuing to work your program. Virtual meetings and telephone meetings can help you feel supported.

Staying Close With Your Support Network

Communication in recovery is essential to your success and happiness. If there are moments you can’t get out of the house for a meeting, it’s important to communicate in other ways. Your sponsor and your friends are people you should communicate with on a daily basis.

Calling, texting, and emailing are all ways to keep in touch and focused on recovery. If you’re not able to get out to a meeting, ask your sponsor to give you some work to do. This may mean getting started on new 12-step work, or getting an assignment to reach out to new people who are struggling. Talking to people, letting them know how you’re doing and giving the same outlet to them can be vital during these times.

It’s also a great time to break out your Big Book, and other 12-step literature. If you don’t have a specific reading assignment, you can always start and stop where you like.

Virtual Meetings, Chat Rooms and More

Who says that when you stay home, you have to be isolated? In recovery, there’s no such thing as isolation. You have a list of people you trust who are going through similar things. Now is the time to contact these people in your network.

Here are a few creative ways to have a recovery meeting without leaving home:

  • Live Online A.A. (12-Step) Meetings (video/audio): Visit AA Intergroup at htp://aa-intergroup.org/directory.php.
  • Email and forum AA meetings are also happening across the globe. Learn more about being a part of this here.
  • Use video chat to have virtual meetings. In California, many regular in-person meetings are moving to videochat. You can call somebody who chairs a meeting or your local 12-step hotline to learn how to plugin to your local group. There are also regularly scheduled online AA meetings you can join here.
  • Conference call meetings are now a reality. You can potentially call in to meetings across the country, if you want, to be a part of these groups. The list of online meetings held like this is right here.

Alcoholics and addicts are people who have adapted a lot in life. When fear and painful emotions are running high, many people are running straight to the internet to find a 12-step meeting. Staying sober in these tumultuous time is important. You’ll get through this, because you’re a survivor.

Life on life’s terms are changing right now, but you can be a positive part of the change by spreading information to the people in your own network and brainstorming new ways to gather remotely.

Getting Help for Addiction

Addiction and recovery don’t pause for a crisis. If you or somebody you love needs help for a drug or alcohol problem, there’s a safe place available to help. We’re open and willing to help you make a plan to start your journey. All calls are 100% confidential – get started today by calling 1-800-970-8774.

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