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Packing for Detox and/or Treatment

What do you pack when you’re going away for detox or treatment? Most drug treatment facilities have a list of items you can and cannot bring. They will typically let you know what’s prohibited when you speak with them on the phone, but there may be some items they don’t address. Packing for detox or treatment isn’t complicated, but it’s important to make sure you only bring items that are allowed at the facility.

Items To Consider

Every treatment center has their own rules, so it’s best to ask for those rules in writing upfront so that you’re not disappointed when you show up. Always ask questions if you’re not sure an item is allowed.

  • Your wallet: This should have an emergency contact card, your insurance cards including prescriptions, if needed. You should also bring a debit card to pay for any incidental expenses such as medications.
  • Photos: You can usually bring photos of loved ones to help inspire you to keep going.
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, a razor (if they allow it) and non-alcoholic mouthwash. Sometimes the facility will provide their own toiletries. Makeup and hair styling products may or may not be allowed, so check ahead. Sunscreen is also important. Feminine hygiene products will work as well.
  • Cell phones: Everyone loves their cell phone, but when you’re in drug treatment it’s a huge distraction. Many treatment centers ask you to leave the phones at home and bring a phone card instead. Others will let you bring a cell phone, but won’t allow access until you’ve reached a certain level in your treatment plan.
  • Clothing: Clothing that is climate-appropriate is important. You won’t be allowed to wear “clubwear” or anything sexy when you’re on outings. Think about what clothing you would wear to be around your family for a week. Don’t bring anything too fancy, either. Ask a treatment center about beach clothing or other outings where special clothes may be needed. You’ll want two pairs of shoes that are good for walking – and may need sandals for beach activities.
  • Contacts: Names and phone numbers of your loved ones, doctors, therapists and others who will be involved in your treatment.
  • Money: A small amount of cash, in small bills, may be allowed so you can go to vending machines or a convenience store.
  • Vapes/Cigarettes: Not every treatment center will let you smoke or vape, so contact in advance to see if they are allowed. Packing these items for detox may be a waste of money if they are prohibited.
  • Jewelry: Few treatment centers want you to bring valuables, but your wedding ring or a watch will be allowed.
  • Books: A few inspirational self-help books may be allowed, or a good novel that doesn’t involve drug abuse.
  • Journaling Supplies: Most people will be asked to keep a journal at one time or another in treatment. Sometimes the facility will provide you with these tools, but bringing your own is fine, too. If you prefer to draw, bring a sketchbook.

These are just a list of things to consider when packing for detox or treatment. Other items may be needed depending on where you land. Many people end up going to treatment or detox with just a few belongings. That’s fine, too! Many treatment centers have toiletries for their clients and often people’s families can bring them clothes and other necessities. The most important thing you should bring for treatment is yourself!

You may need to pack more or less depending on where you plan to go after detox. Sometimes people go straight to detox to a long-term inpatient program. Speak with staff at detox to help you decide on what you need to bring.

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