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How Can a Family Recover From Addiction?

Many people in recovery describe addiction as an overpowering disease that affects body, mind, and spirit. It can alter the way a person thinks and behaves. For people who love a person who regularly abuses substances, life can be a series of ups and downs. Addiction is a family disease. It alters relationships and causes mistrust and shame. It’s essential to think of recovery as something both the addicted person and their family can work towards to heal.

Family, Love, and Addiction

Many family members ask what they can do for their loved one now that they are in recovery. They are always eager to help their loved one on their journey. But there may be a lot of worry, sadness and unresolved sadness

Family members may feel lost when they’re told the best thing to do is let go of your loved one, and take care of yourselves. Your loved one needs to work on their recovery, and your family needs to work on theirs, too.

You might be accustomed to helping their loved one out. You may have helped with money or bailed them out of jail. Unfortunately, that didn’t help them get clean and sober. They had to find their own way. Many people in families affected by addiction have enabled their loved ones by helping them in a way that helped them continue to use. You may have shame or anger about how you were treated or the lengths you would go to help them out. These are all normal feelings and situations that family members cope with. Even if you have unresolved feelings, you love this person who has an addiction. You want them to succeed. So it’s time to cope with your own problems caused by this person’s disease.

For Families: How to Get Help

Your loved one needs help to start their recovery journey. You will benefit from seeking out your own support network. Al-Anon is a group for any adult that has a loved one who uses alcohol (and sometimes other substances, but alcohol is the focus.)

Many treatment programs offer family therapy. You may benefit from both groups and private treatment. It’s time to get you focused on yourself and your own happiness. If children are affected, it’s important to get them the therapy they need. If your partner has a substance use disorder, your child needs to have somebody they can confide in.

There are also groups for older children to attend that are similar to 12-step groups. Ala-Teen is a group for teenagers who have a loved one that drinks too much or uses other substances.

Make sure you talk to young people in your life and get them the help they need if they are struggling with their feelings.

Getting Help for Addiction

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