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Recovery and Responsibility

What does it mean to be responsible? In active addiction, many people let things that were once important to them fall by the wayside. Addiction takes a toll on your mental, physical and spiritual life. Finances, relationships, and your health may suffer. But once you get clean, you may want to start picking up the pieces. It may seem overwhelming at times. After all, the roles that women play in life are plenty. You may be a mother, a worker, a wife, and a provider all at once! All of these roles are expected of you, but you can’t be perfect. When you get clean and sober, you’re told to focus on yourself. How can you also begin to pick up the pieces of any wreckage from your addiction, and be responsible for yourself?

Taking Baby Steps

Staying clean and sober is your top priority in recovery, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to make amends or take an active role in people’s lives.

Acting more responsible can help you become more accountable in life. (Act as if, and the feelings will follow!) So how can you act more accountable?

Start by doing the small things and taking baby steps. Baby steps may mean paying the bills that you currently have, or taking responsibility for setting up a “family night.” At work, you should fulfill your responsibilities as part of your job, but don’t be afraid to “step up” and help out others when you have a chance.

Being on time, fulfilling commitments, and taking care of your current financial responsibilities are all excellent “baby steps” that can help you become more responsible. If you feel you don’t have enough responsibility, consider taking a volunteer position at a 12-step meeting or offering rides to others.

Taking care of other things, such as massive debts or making amends to people you have wronged, may not be appropriate at this time. Much of these issues will be addressed in your 12-step work with your sponsor. If you’re not sure if you’re taking on too much responsibility, speak to other women in recovery to learn how they have handled these issues.

Getting Help for Addiction

Do you or somebody you love need help with an addiction? It’s time to get help. Give us a call at 1-800-970-8774 to learn more about our detox programs and treatment options. You’re worth it! Please reach out.

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