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Treatment Burnout? How to Cope With it

For many people in recovery, treatment is a lifesaver that helps them stabilize their life after detox and learn to use new coping skills. But sometimes, coping with all of your new feelings and investing all of your time to self-improvement may seem overwhelming. New and old emotions about your past can wear you down. Treatment burnout is a real phase that people can go through.

Recovery isn’t a promise of being happy every day. You’ll go through a range of emotions like other people do. Treatment burnout may be one chapter in your early recovery that you’ll have to face. Some people feel burned out early in their recovery days, even during detox. Others may feel burned out when reaching new recovery milestones such as months or a year.

What is Treatment Burnout?

Treatment burnout is a phase in recovery where you feel overstressed, tired, and/or complacent. You may feel like you’re not making any progress or that recovery is the cause of your stress. Or, you may just feel grumpy or depressed.

All of these feelings are just that, feelings. You can live with them, explore them, and acknowledge them in many ways.

Just remember that feelings aren’t facts. Of course, you’re making progress if you’re clean and sober, working your program, and having emotions. When you were using, you didn’t take time to acknowledge your feelings. If you were having a bad day, was it a good excuse to get high or drunk.

Addiction Can Try to Trick You

If you feel like you’re not getting anywhere in treatment, or that treatment is a waste of time, or you simply feel down and depressed, please reach out to somebody in recovery. Treatment burnout is a real struggle. Your addiction wasn’t fun or glamourous – you got clean and sober because you were in pain. You deserve this chance to change your life. It’s not always easy. So please, reach out to somebody you trust and talk to them before you pick up drugs or alcohol.

Getting Sober

Getting sober is a chance for a new life. You deserve a chance to get free from your addiction in a safe, comfortable environment. We’ve helped people from all walks of lives get free from the grip of addiction. Give us a call to learn more about our services at 1-800-970-8774.

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