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Is Synthetic Marijuana Dangerous?

Synthetic marijuana, often called Spice and K2, is becoming pervasive on the streets of America. These synthetic cannabinoids have become popular among people on probation and parole, or people with small budgets and a desire to get high.

Synthetic marijuana is a dangerous class of drugs, known for causing disturbing side effects and large groups of overdoses. The silent epidemic of street drugs caused hundreds of overdoses in cities and towns across the US, usually throughout a weekend or two consecutive weeks.

What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Different versions of the drug that’s called “synthetic pot” are sold online, in seedy gas stations and convenience stores, as well as drug dealers on the street. K2 and Spice are the most well-known, but the names frequently change, as do the formulations.

Synthetic cannabinoids that make up fake weed are manufactured, mind-altering chemicals. The drug is sprayed on plant material that has the appearance of potpourri or other herbs. People smoke or vape the drug.

Synthetic weed is often purchased by people on probation or parole, in drug treatment or other situations where they are regularly tested for drug use. The drug is cheap, about $5, which also makes it popular with vulnerable populations such as people without homes.

These drugs are called cannabinoids because they are similar to chemicals found in the marijuana plant, but sometimes hundreds of times stronger. Unlike marijuana, they are created in a lab and made from chemicals. Batches of K2 and Spice often have other harmful chemicals included in each formulation. Chemists involved in its manufacture change formulas to stay ahead with the law.

While these drugs affect the same part of the brain as marijuana, they often cause dangerous side effects. People often self-harm, hallucinate or lose consciousness when using variations of synthetic marijuana. Formulations over the past years have caused internal organs to bleed, including the brain. Other bad batches have caused heart attacks and seizures.

Are K2 and Spice Addictive?

We don’t know a lot about the chemicals in synthetic cannabinoids. The formulations vary a lot. Clinicians usually use observation when working with clients who are addicted to them. The truth is that any substance can be addictive, but every person is unique when it comes to withdrawal symptoms and their severity.

There is no way to predict if people who use synthetic weed will have withdrawal symptoms, although many people say they have felt sick or had other uncomfortable side effects.

Getting Help

A detox program will help keep you as comfortable as possible if you’re trying to get clean and sober. In a caring, comforting, safe environment you can learn more about recovery and plan your next steps.

If you or somebody you love has been using K2 or other addictive drugs, there is hope available. Many people have been able to reclaim their lives and start healing from addiction through our intensive, safe, evidence-based treatment program.

Do you want help, but you’re not sure about the next step? Please give us a call at 1-800-970-8774.

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