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Learning to Relax

Do you know how to relax and take it easy? Addiction can be a fast-paced, frantic lifestyle. Getting the substance, finding a place to use it, and then using it take some time. You probably did some running around to get your substance of choice.

When you get sober, you’ll be tired for the first week or two as your body adjusts. You may not feel at your best. But once your mind starts clearing up, you’ll probably find you have a lot of energy. Many people throw themselves into recovery and self-improvement in their first year sober.  Working on yourself is great, but don’t forget to nurture your need for relaxation. Everyone should be able to take some time to relax daily. It helps us enjoy life more. Relaxation can help keep stress at bay.

What Relaxes You?

Not every person knows how to take it easy and truly relax. It may be challenging for people with both substance use disorders and mental health disorders such as anxiety or bipolar disorder to learn to slow down and relax once in a while.

Relaxation means that you’re comfortable being alone and in your own skin. Learning to relax, sit back, and enjoy life is one benefit of being in recovery.

You don’t have to run from place to place today. You can give yourself a bit of self-care, and it won’t cost you anything.

Here are some ideas to help you start learning to relax:

  • Grab a book and just sit and read. Make sure you’re in a comfortable spot and make sure that you’re reading something you enjoy. (Check a bestsellers list if you need inspiration. )
  • Grab some earbuds and lay down, listening to your favorite music. Close your eyes and try to let your thoughts go.
  • Grab a pet and put them on your lap. Spend time petting or brushing your furry friend.
  • Get some exercise daily. You will have a better mood and better sleep.
  • Go for a walk and stop at a bench. Sit down. Close your eyes and listen to the world around you. Feel the sun or wind. Just feel the moment.
  • Lay on a yoga mat or bed. Close your eyes and tense every muscle in your body. Then, release the tension in your right arm and hand. Feel the weight release like sand. Then do the same for your left side, abdomen, head, and neck.
  • If you have trouble sleeping or “calming your head down” at night, invest in a white noise machine or nature machine. They can create sounds like waterfalls to help you get to sleep.

Hopefully, as time goes on in recovery, you’ll be able to relax without thinking about it. Sometimes it takes a while to let your guard down and feel safe in your new lifestyle. But stick with it, because you’re worth it! Enjoy your sober time!

Getting Help for Addiction

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