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Sublocade for Opioid Use Disorder

Are you or somebody you love addicted to opioids? For many people, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) helps them get stable in sobriety. The FDA recommends that people addicted to opioids, who are at risk for relapse, use MAT as a tool to help them achieve lasting sobriety. Sublocade is one option for people addicted to opioids.

Research shows that MAT works. People who take MAT alongside their treatment program are much less likely to relapse. In fact, in one study,75% of people who chose Sublocade as their Medicated-Assisted Treatment remained sober for over a year.

What Is Sublocade?

Sublocade is a version of the buprenorphine. (Its brand name is Suboxone.) The drug works by limiting the user’s drug cravings. Most people take it as a shot, instead of a tablet or strip of film that other MAT drugs provide. People get the shot once a month from a clinical professional who also monitors their progress.

People with busy lives or who need to be discreet prefer Sublocade because it’s once a month. However, anyone with an opioid use disorder can use it safely with the help of a medical professional.

How Does It Work?

Sublocade is a partial opioid agonist, meaning it blocks opioids from affecting receptors in your brain that get you high. When you take Sublocade and then choose to use an opioid, it’s not going to work. It will also help suppress drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Sublocade must be injected into the stomach. A medical professional will do this for you every month. Because of this, many people feel it is the most convenient MAT available.

Getting Help for Addiction

Addiction is a disease, and sometimes medication can help you get out of the endless cycle of opioid use. Medication-Assisted Treatment has helped thousands of people get and stay sober long-term. Not every treatment offer Sublocade, but we DO here at True Life Recovery if we decide it is appropriate. Call us to learn more at 1-800-970-8774.

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