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Addiction isn’t easy to recover from, especially when it’s been part of your life for so long. Starting the recovery process can be difficult and most people are unsuccessful. This is why addiction treatment is available. It helps make the recovery process easier and effective.

What Is an Addiction Treatment Center?

A residential treatment center (RTC) is a safe place for people with addiction to recover. It is where addicts can detox from their drug of choice. It’s also where they can begin to learn how to live without the use of drugs and alcohol.

The addiction treatment center is structured. After getting through the withdrawal symptoms of detox, patients may need to participate in the following:

  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Workshops
  • Addiction Education

All of the above helps recovering addicts heal from the devastation addiction caused in life. This includes emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual damage. Keep in mind the work that is done at RTC is just the beginning. The work must be continued afterward to continue recovery.

Recovery from addiction isn’t just for the person who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It’s also for the person’s loved ones. During the addiction treatment program, loved ones are included in the therapeutic activities to help their healing as well. This way when people leave the addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA they can continue the healing at home with their loved ones.

Different Types of Addiction Rehab Treatment Programs

When choosing an addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA, consider one of the following types of programs:

Long Term Addiction Treatment Program

A long-term residential treatment program is one that many people choose after they haven’t found success with other types, such as short-term or outpatient. This type of residential treatment program can last several weeks or months depending on goals and budget.

People who choose long-term residential treatment programs seek an intensive form of recovery. They desire therapies that can uncover deep issues that led to their addiction and work through them in a way that can lead to great success in recovery.

Short Term Addiction Treatment Program

A short-term residential treatment program seeks to give people a successful start to recovery. This includes helping them through one of the hardest parts – detox. Once the person’s body has withdrawn from drugs and alcohol, they move forward into learning the basic skills in effective recovery.

Since this type of residential treatment program is short-term, it only lasts a couple of weeks to a month at the most. Many people think they are free from addiction when they leave a short-term short term residential treatment center in Orange County, CA, but that is not the case. Recovery is an ongoing process that must be continued long after leaving the program.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

This type of residential treatment program is one that most people favor, but it can be the least effective if the person is not entirely committed to recovery. People who are part of this program live at home and come to the residential treatment center on a daily basis to participate in the program.

Outpatient residential treatment can be ongoing for as long as people need it to remain in recovery. Days consist of group and individual therapy along with addiction education.

Length of Time to Complete an Addiction Treatment Center Program

The time it takes to complete a residential treatment center program depends. Short-term treatment programs can last on average 28 to 30 days. Some programs can be much shorter – just a couple of weeks.

Long-term RTC programs can take 90 to 180 days. The length of time someone remains in the program has to do with their needs and past experiences with addiction recovery. Each person who is admitted into an RTC is assessed to identify how long they need to be in the program.

What Is the Cost of Addiction Treatment in Orange County, CA

Most people use insurance to pay for addiction treatment. RTCs usually accept the following forms of insurance:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private Insurance
  • State-financed Insurance
  • Tricare (Military Insurance)

Out-of-pocket costs for addiction treatment depend on the type of program. Detox programs can cost up to $5,000. Short-term addiction treatment centers can cost $12,000 to $60,000 depending on how well-known the RTC is in Orange County, CA. Outpatient programs vary in cost with a range of $5,000 to $10,000 for three months.

Something to consider is that while it may seem as though addiction treatment is very expensive, it doesn’t compare to the costs of addiction. Addicts spend thousands on drugs and/or alcohol and lose money from missed days of work, through a divorce, and many other circumstances that occur due to their addiction.

What to Expect During Addiction Treatment

Knowing what to expect during addiction treatment in Orange County, CA will make it seems less daunting. The following is a typical day in an addiction treatment center following detox.

Spend time reflecting on the morning. Journal, create art, exercise, or do some other activity that helps the mind and body relax and absorb the information received so far that day.

Attend group counseling with others in the program for support. This is a time to listen and share thoughts, feelings, and hopes about addiction and recovery. Group counseling is led by a therapist who will aid in engaging the group.

Attend life building skills class or one-to-one with RTC staff. One of the many parts of recovery is building a new life without the influence of drugs and alcohol. This class or counseling session, you learn what you need to do to be successful in creating a life you imagine for yourself in recovery.

Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Center

With so many addiction treatment centers in Orange County, CA it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Fortunately, you can make it easier by answering these questions and finding an addiction treatment center based on what you need and want.

Where would you like to go for addiction treatment?

Do you want a short or long-term treatment program?

How will you pay for the program?

Does the addiction treatment program accept your insurance?

Do you need detox?

Does the addiction treatment center offer detox?

Why Choose True Life Recovery in Orange County, CA

True Life Recovery in Orange County, CA is committed to helping people recover from addiction. When looking for an addiction treatment center in Orange County, there’s no better one to choose. We offer a multi-faceted program that meets the needs and wants of many different people. Accepting most insurances, True Life Recovery in Orange County, CA is an affordable and effective option in recovering from addiction.

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