Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA – Choosing the Right One

What Is Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA

You’re struggling to end your addiction. You know it’s ruining your life, but you’re not sure what you’re going to do. Every single time you try to stop using, you go right back to it. You’ve tried many times to stop cold turkey or reduce the amount, but you always wind back to where you started.

Your family is suffering. Your work is suffering. You are suffering.

There are many different ways a drug rehab in Orange County, CA can help you. All you need to do is make the choice to commit to a drug rehab program.

A drug rehab center is a place where you can not only detox yourself from drugs but also learn how to live without the control of drugs over you. Many people enter drug rehab centers and leave never going back to drugs again. It is effective and it can help you.

Drug rehabs are like hospitals. In this case, it’s for the treatment of addiction – a disease.

These centers have the means and resources to help just about anyone to break their addiction. This is why it can help you.

Different Types of Drug Rehabs in Orange County

There are three main types of drug rehab centers:

  • Short-term residential treatment centers.
  • Long-term residential treatment centers.
  • Outpatient treatment centers.

Short-term residential treatment centers are just that short. They offer patients a fast way to get on the track to sobriety. When patients start this program they are usually controlled by their addiction, but when they leave they control their addiction.

The good thing to know about short-term residential treatment centers is that they are not enough to lead to lasting recovery. Patients usually need additional support through outpatient services (more on that later).

Long-term residential treatment centers are longer. They offer more support and learning before patients leave to start their new life without being controlled by their addiction. Many people still need outpatient services when they leave but it’s more to remain strong and stable in their recovery.

Outpatient programs are for people who do not or cannot live in a residential treatment facility. They may have family or work obligations, but they really need help staying clean and sober. Outpatient programs offer help throughout the day so patients come in for treatment and then go home to implement what they learned while they were there.

As you can see, each type of drug rehab is very different, but they have one similarity – they help people break free from addiction so they can start recovery on the right foot.

Length of Time to Complete Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA

Short-term residential treatment programs are usually about 30 days. Programs can be shorter than this but the average is 30 days.

Long-term residential treatment programs are between 90 and 180 days long. The length of the program depends on the needs of the patients and the severity of their addiction.

Outpatient programs can last three months and patients usually complete those three months and then go into another three. It depends on how much support patients need as they move forward through their recovery.

What Is the Cost for Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA

Outpatient programs are the least expensive, but that doesn’t mean someone should choose them. It can be the least effective –  not because the program isn’t effective but because patients have a lot more freedom with outpatient services. Since patients never leave the environment they are in, which includes the drug environment. This can make it very difficult to stay clean and sober.

This is why most people decide to start with short-term and long-term residential treatment centers. They are more expensive. Short-term is less expensive ranging between $6,000 to $12,000.

Long-term residential treatment centers can cost up to $20,000 or more. The cost of these facilities, as well as the short-term ones, have a lot to do with how well known they are, which is interesting as they can be just as effective as lesser-known ones.

What to Expect During Drug Rehab

You can expect a structured schedule when you decide to go to drug rehab in Orange County, CA. You will wake up, have breakfast and start a day full of therapy and education. You’ll also have time to reflect on everything that you’ve learned throughout the day.

You will also learn about nutrition and why it’s important. This is along with the importance of exercise. Many drug rehabs have exercise classes you can be part of, which will help you get into the habit before you go home to continue your recovery.

You may also learn how to do meditation and yoga. This greatly helps keep your mind and body in harmony to make recovery much easier.

Choosing the Right Drug Rehab Facility in Orange County, CA

Since there are so many drug rehab facilities in Orange County you will likely have trouble choosing the right one for you. This is why we wanted to help you with your choice.

You should choose the drug rehab facility that you feel you’ll receive the best help from as you recover from addiction. If you feel that you would benefit from a short-term type of program vs. a long term, look for a drug rehab center that offers short-term, not long-term.

While therapy is very important in recovering from an addiction, if that’s not something you want to do a lot of, you may want to look for a drug rehab facility that doesn’t offer intense therapy. Some will only offer group therapy, which can be much less intense than one-to-one counseling with a therapist who will help you understand why you have become addicted to drugs.

The best way to choose the right detox program near you in Orange County for you is to research. Look over the website and read reviews to help you gauge whether or not a drug rehab center will be able to help you.

Why Choose True Life Recovery in Orange County, CA

True Life Recovery is a drug rehab center that offers medical detox for adult men and women in Orange County, California. We have short-term residential treatment programs as well as long-term ones. We also offer outpatient programs.

What makes us unique is that we customize our programs depending on the person. When someone comes to our drug rehab center, we perform an assessment to understand what they need to be as successful as possible with their addiction treatment. We believe this is what has made our drug rehab one of the most successful in Orange County.

Contact us today for more information on how our drug rehab center in Orange County, CA to help you. 

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