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What Role Does Forgiveness Play in Your Recovery?

When you’re addicted to something, you have intimate knowledge of all the failings that humans can experience. There are many things that you may need forgiveness for doing. There are also things that you need to forgive other people for.

Forgiving Yourself

People who suffer from a substance use disorder often have things that they have done that leave them feeling guilty or ashamed. You have to believe that you are worth a shot at recovery and that you deserve a better life. Recovery is often about forgiveness of yourself. At 12-step meetings, everyone is welcome. There are a lot of non-judgemental places that you can make your home away from home, too. Usually, this journey starts with treatment.

Every day you are sober is a chance at a better life, and a better you. Forgiving yourself may take some time, but it is worth it. As a person in recovery, you’ll start to find meaning in life and make positive contributions to society. It’s worth it to feel better about yourself and do better things than just getting high.

Recovery is worth it. No matter how low you feel, you’re worthy of recovery.

Addiction is a disease that impairs your judgment and causes you to act differently than you want.

Forgiving Others

As time goes by, you will find that in recovery, you want to let go of resentment. Get guidance from others in recovery to learn how to do this. It may be something that comes up in your step work, as well.

Making Amends

After you’ve been clean a good amount of time, you’ll do step work to make amends to individuals you’ve harmed. This usually doesn’t happen quickly, though.

Until then, you can contribute positively to the world. Live to do good things. Forgiveness is just around the corner, when you’re ready. Until then, be kind. Hold doors open. Offer to make the coffee at a meeting. Help an elderly person with their shopping or their snowed-in sidewalk. These are things that will build your confidence and help you put out good intentions into the world.

Consider getting a regular volunteer position or donating regularly to charity if you have a full-time job. Find things that you are passionate about, and use that good energy to help them with their mission.


Getting Clean and Sober

Recovery is possible, no matter who you are or where you come from. If you’re using drugs/alcohol and you want to stop, please give us a call at 1-800-970-8774. You can learn more about our treatment center throughout this website.


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