The Rise of Prescription Drug Misuse

A Modern-Day Epidemic

Key Facts


New Cases per Year


People at Risk

80 - 90%

Most Common


Median Age

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Startling Statistics

Understanding the Surge in Prescription Drug Misuse

The Repercussions of Misusing Prescription Drugs

Addressing the Issue: A Collective Responsibility

True Life Recovery's Comprehensive Approach

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A Ray of Hope Amidst the Crisis

We offer detox for drugs and alcohol including:

Frequently Asked Questions

While prescribed for legitimate reasons, misuse or taking them contrary to medical advice can be harmful.

Look for signs like mood swings, changes in sleep patterns, secretive behavior, and increased dosages without a doctor’s advice.

Reach out to a medical professional or a rehab center like True Life Recovery for guidance and support.

It’s a rising concern globally, with millions affected by its adverse consequences.

Yes, opioids, sedatives, and certain stimulants are commonly misused and can be highly addictive.

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