Oxycodone Detox for Women in California

Americans Use 80% of The Worlds Supply of Opiods and 84% is Oxycodone

Just like all prescription opiodes people take OxyContin legitimately for Pain. But if you find yourself taking it for its pleasurable effects instead of pain you may have unknowingly become an addict and it is nothing to fool around with. Oxycontin addiction is very powerful and actually rewires the brains natural center for pleasure. The problem with Oxycontin addiction is that increased use and abuse can lead to respitory suppression which can lead to overdose and death especially if and when combined with other opiates and or alcohol.

People who abuse OxyContin exhibit signs of:

  • Profuse Sweating
  • Drowsiness
  • Itching
  • Nausea and Constipation
  • Light Headedness and Headaches
  • A Dry mouth
  • Low Blood Pressure

OxyContin Addicts and Abusers also:

  • Chew it to slow down the controlled release
  • Inject or snort it
  • Take it more frequently than prescribed
  • Compulsive usage
  • Despite negative consequences are still using OxyContin
  • Compulsive searching to help their brains reward center

There is a Way Out of Oxycodone Addiction

With all addictions the first step is wanting to make a change and take back your own life without letting drugs rule your daily life. At True Life Recovery we can safely and comfortably give you back your life.

True Life Recovery

Detox is considered one of the safest and most comfortable means of detoxification all around providing the greatest means of success for the individual struggling with addiction. Once you submit your email one of our experts will contact you and disucuss your needs for our detox inpatient treatment.

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