Norco (Hydrocodone)  Detox for Women in California

Norco is an opiate prescription pain reliever that has a very high potential of patients becoming addicted.  Norco stimulates the brain’s reward center while reducing pain.  As a narcotic pain reliever taking Norco increases the euphoric feeling in the brain’s pleasure center and may easily be abused as well as misused while a dependency is formed. Unintentional dependency and addiction is common with Norco users who increase their dosage to relieve pain without considering or understanding the negative consequences on health.  While addiction and dependency make your cravings increase understanding the signs of addiction is important.

Signs of Norco Addiction Include:

  • Obsession of getting and taking Norco
  • Visiting different doctors for more prescriptions, seeking Norco from family, friends, emergency rooms or on the street*
  • Mixing Norco with other drugs for increased high
  • Taking Norco for fun
  • Increased dosage of the drug (taking more than prescribed) or larger doses
  • Crushing pills
  • Tried to quit but have been unsuccessful

People who abuse Norco may start experiencing upper stomach pain, yellowing of the skin and dark urine.

Abusing Norco can have serious life threatening consequences. Unintentional overdoses are not uncommon.  If you feel you have an addiction to Norco detoxing from the drug to stop the cravings is imperative for overall health.  Detoxing should only be done by professionals at a licensed detox center.

Signs of Norco Overdose:

  • Shallow breathing or breathing has stopped
  • Blue skin
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Slow heart rate
  • Pinpoint pupils

*Other risks involved, as with any prescription pain medication addiction, seeking street drugs that are made to look like the prescription drugs is extremely dangerous.  Recently drugs or counterfeit Norco have caused many deaths.  After testing the counterfeit Norco they were found to contain fentanyl which is 25 – 50% stronger than heroin as well as 50 to 100% stronger than morphine.

Getting Help & Norco Detox

Acknowledging a drug problem takes tremendous strength from the individual deciding to change their life and take control again.  A person who has the problem who seeks help should be very proud of themselves. Drug abuse affects millions of people and their families worldwide.  It is nothing to be ashamed of because you are not alone.  Every race, social class and culture deals with this issue.

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