How Can a Family Recover From Addiction?

family and addiction

Many people in recovery describe addiction as an overpowering disease that affects body, mind, and spirit. It can alter the way a person thinks and behaves. For people who love a person who regularly abuses substances, life can be a series of ups and downs. Addiction is a family disease. It alters relationships and causes […]

Five Ways to Give Back in Recovery

giving back

Recovery is a gift, which sometimes has its ups and downs, just like life. Learning to live without the use of substances takes a day at a time. You’ll get a lot of help from your peers in recovery. Many people who are new to recovery want to start giving back to others who have […]

Making New Friends in Recovery

two female friends

When you first get clean and sober, you’re warned to stay away from old places, people and things. This often means giving up relationships with people who drink or drug. Doing this may make you feel guilty or even lonely, but it’s a good step towards changing your life and growing in your sobriety. Now […]

Taking Care of Your Physical Health in Recovery

woman at doctors for health exam

In recovery, you will face many challenges. Taking care of your health is often an overlooked aspect of healing. We all know that taking care of yourself, your feelings, wants and needs are essential if you’re in recovery from addiction. But what have you done to take care of your physical health? What is Physical […]

How Eating Disorders and Addiction Are Related

understanding eating disorders

More women than ever are in recovery. For many years, women with addictions were able to hide it or just were overlooked by the medical world until it becomes a life-or-death situation. Eating disorders (EDs) are also something that many women live with or try to hide until it becomes so dangerous it can’t be […]

What Are Some of the Most Addictive Drugs?

doctor standing with image of brain

Addiction, also known as a substance use disorder, is a disease that does not discriminate. Recovery from addiction is possible for anyone, but it is sometimes harder when a person is using highly addictive drugs. Which Drugs Are the Most Addictive? Drugs that cause physical changes in the brain and the body tend to be […]

Alcohol Addiction and Women

sad young woman

Addiction to alcohol, also known as alcoholism, is a problem for women all over the world. Women are more prone to alcohol addiction for biological as well as psychologican reasons. Alcohol abuse is dangerous and can cause a lifelong set of problems. Drinking often starts at an early age for most women, some who drink […]

Recovery and Responsibility

woman using laptop to calculate bills

What does it mean to be responsible? In active addiction, many people let things that were once important to them fall by the wayside. Addiction takes a toll on your mental, physical and spiritual life. Finances, relationships, and your health may suffer. But once you get clean, you may want to start picking up the […]

Choosing a 12-Step Sponsor

sponsor speaks with her mentee

Going to detox, treatment, and other types of therapy when you first get clean and sober is an integral part of learning to live without the use of substances. When you first get sober, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your addiction. A treatment center, however, is a sheltered place where you’re not going […]

Building Your Self-Esteem Through Self-Talk

  Many people in recovery from addiction have spent a lot of their life “beating themselves up” when things don’t go their way. Negative self-talk is usually one thing that people in recovery have in common. People don’t use drugs because they are happy with themselves or their lives. You probably don’t look too highly […]