Learning Emotional Regulation

man at road emotional regulation

Everyone who is new to recovery arrives with raw emotions. After all, you have probably been stuffing them deep inside for a while. Now that the drugs are removed, your feelings may drift close to the surface. You may react in ways you don’t mean to, or get more emotional about things than you expect […]

Sharing Recovery With Parents

Three generations of women cooking together in the kitchen holding veggies

Many people in recovery have rocky relationships with their families. Whether there is disfunction or you’re carrying guilt and shame, it can be hard for you to think about your family. One of the many issues people work on in recovery is their relationship with their parents. Sharing Recovery With Your Family If you’re lucky, […]

How to Start Socializing in Recovery

sponsor speaks with her mentee

Socializing can seem difficult in early recovery, even if a person made friends easily before. You may have once had a lot of friends before your addiction began to take over. Or maybe you were the “life of the party”, greeting everyone and anyone when they entered the room. Whatever the case, socializing in recovery […]

Sleep is More Important Than Ever in Recovery

Man getting sleep with his dog in bed

You’ve probably heard a lot in the media about sleep and health throughout your life. Getting enough is one of America’s favorite topics, and yet so few people get the sleep they need throughout life. You may think you’ve heard everything about the issue, yet sleep is more vital than ever if you’re in early […]

Healthy Habits for Life and Recovery

healthy woman smiling at a table holding coffee

In recovery, halting the use of drugs is one of the best ways to take care of your health. Many newcomers end up skipping out on other healthy habits. Sometimes people feel burnt out or simply “don’t have the time” to take care of themselves. Please don’t make this mistake! Taking care of yourself now […]

The First 30 Days of Recovery

support first 30 days of recovery group

Many people wonder what to expect in the first 30 days of recovery. Choosing a life of recovery is choosing freedom from addiction. Recovery is available to anyone that wants it and is willing to do the work. Through the first month of your sobriety, you’ll learn a lot about tools to stay sober and […]

HALT: Use This Acronym For Healthier Recovery

hungry angry lonely tired

Have you heard the term HALT yet in recovery? It stands for hungry, angry, lonely, and tired – several triggers that can hijack a positive attitude and lifestyle in recovery. The first few weeks or months of recovery can sometimes go by very quickly. Changing your lifestyle, quitting using, joining 12-step, and beginning to have […]

Treatment Burnout? How to Cope With it

Man Napping on a Couch at treatment

For many people in recovery, treatment is a lifesaver that helps them stabilize their life after detox and learn to use new coping skills. But sometimes, coping with all of your new feelings and investing all of your time to self-improvement may seem overwhelming. New and old emotions about your past can wear you down. […]

Supporting Friends in Recovery

friends playing with camera

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are usually the gold standard of addiction treatment today. After all, once you have completed an inpatient detox or treatment program, it’s your support network that is going to help you continue your journey in recovery. Supporting your friends in recovery is essential. Being a Friend to Others While you’re […]

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous?

sad young woman staring at beach

Do you or somebody you love drink too much, too often? Many people love a person who has an alcohol abuse disorder. Quitting alcohol can be difficult. If a person stops drinking after doin it excessively for a while, they will probably experience alcohol withdrawal. You probably worry that it’s dangerous. Alcohol Abuse is Far […]