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healthy woman smiling at a table holding coffee

Healthy Habits for Life and Recovery

In recovery, halting the use of drugs is one of the best ways to take care of your health. Many newcomers end up skipping out

support first 30 days of recovery group

The First 30 Days of Recovery

Many people wonder what to expect in the first 30 days of recovery. Choosing a life of recovery is choosing freedom from addiction. Recovery is

Man Napping on a Couch at treatment

Treatment Burnout? How to Cope With it

For many people in recovery, treatment is a lifesaver that helps them stabilize their life after detox and learn to use new coping skills. But

friends playing with camera

Supporting Friends in Recovery

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are usually the gold standard of addiction treatment today. After all, once you have completed an inpatient detox or treatment

sad young woman staring at beach

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous?

Do you or somebody you love drink too much, too often? Many people love a person who has an alcohol abuse disorder. Quitting alcohol can

family and addiction

How Can a Family Recover From Addiction?

Many people in recovery describe addiction as an overpowering disease that affects body, mind, and spirit. It can alter the way a person thinks and

giving back

Five Ways to Give Back in Recovery

Recovery is a gift, which sometimes has its ups and downs, just like life. Learning to live without the use of substances takes a day

doctor in a hospital

Is Synthetic Marijuana Dangerous?

Synthetic marijuana, often called Spice and K2, is becoming pervasive on the streets of America. These synthetic cannabinoids have become popular among people on probation

two female friends

Making New Friends in Recovery

When you first get clean and sober, you’re warned to stay away from old places, people and things. This often means giving up relationships with

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