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sisters making amends

Making Amends a Day at a Time

Do you have trouble building trust? Many people new to recovery have a history of doing things during their addiction that led to eroded relationships

raising hands for willingness

What Is Willingness?

In recovery, you’ll learn a lot about honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. These three issues are integral to spiritual growth in sobriety. Being honest can be

sublocade and friends in sobriety

Sublocade for Opioid Use Disorder

Are you or somebody you love addicted to opioids? For many people, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) helps them get stable in sobriety. The FDA recommends that

endorphins and exercise for self-care

Exercise, Endorphins and Self-Care

For many people, the world feels like an uncertain and sometimes dangerous place. It’s natural to feel anxiety, especially during a pandemic. However, people in

man contemplating Vivitrol

Vivitrol and Medication-Assisted Treatment

Vivitrol is a medication-assisted treatment option for people who want to quit using opioids or alcohol. People take it to reduce cravings and avoid the

two people practicing rigorous honest in discussion

Practicing Rigorous Honesty

Honesty can be a hard thing to practice when you first get sober. After all, you probably spent an unreasonable amount of time lying to

two people talking Suboxone

What Is Suboxone, And Can It Help You?

Suboxone, used in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), is a prescription drug used to help people diagnosed with a substance use disorder. It is ideal for helping

woman done packing for treatment

Packing for Detox and/or Treatment

What do you pack when you’re going away for detox or treatment? Most drug treatment facilities have a list of items you can and cannot

woman doing exercise

Getting Healthy in Recovery: Why, and How

Most people who come to recovery are usually exhausted when they enter detox and begin the process of getting clean and sober. Your body has

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