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Alcohol Addiction and Women

Addiction to alcohol, also known as alcoholism, is a problem for women all over the world. Women are more prone to alcohol addiction for biological

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Recovery and Responsibility

What does it mean to be responsible? In active addiction, many people let things that were once important to them fall by the wayside. Addiction

sponsor speaks with her mentee

Choosing a 12-Step Sponsor

Going to detox, treatment, and other types of therapy when you first get clean and sober is an integral part of learning to live without

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3 Essentials to Stay Clean and Sober

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is an essential first step for recovery. By doing this, you’ve done something essential; admitting you are powerless over your

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Learning Mindfulness as a Recovery Tool

When a person enters recovery from addiction, they are usually going through a lot of changes. Once your body detoxifies from drugs, your mind, spirit,