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A Helping Hand from True Life Recovery

Trauma-Based Detox in Orange County, California

What is a Trauma-Based Addiction Treatment Program? Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction usually have many contributing factors. While everyone who becomes addicted to substances


How Alcohol Rehabs in Orange County Can Help

Alcohol can add an enjoyable element to our lives. We enjoy alcohol when socializing, with meals, and during celebrations. While drinking alcohol is common in

how to check-in with a loved one

How To Check In On A Loved One

During the pandemic, life has been very different for all of us. Many of us have never had to deal with this type of stress

winter holidays

Surviving the Winter Holidays

Are you worried about surviving the winter holidays this year? It can be challenging for people in recovery. If you’re new to recovery, you may

socializing online this winter

Socializing in Recovery, Online!

Life is changing rapidly for everyone, and people in recovery have been adapting to the change just like others. 12-step meetings are, for example, lifesaving.

creating self-esteem

5 Powerful Self-Esteem Boosting Exercises

Many people in recovery struggle with self-esteem. Do you put yourself down when something doesn’t go your way? Do you feel like things are always

man with his pets cat

Pets, Treatment and Recovery

Pets are great companions through thick and thin. So it’s probably not a secret that their presence in our lives changes us for the better.

woman relaxing with coffee

Learning to Relax

Do you know how to relax and take it easy? Addiction can be a fast-paced, frantic lifestyle. Getting the substance, finding a place to use

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