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image of a blond woman stretching and the glowing ords "be mindful" floating behind her head

Learning Mindfulness as a Recovery Tool

When a person enters recovery from addiction, they are usually going through a lot of changes. Once your body detoxifies from drugs, your mind, spirit,

Three generations of women cooking together in the kitchen holding veggies

Tips for Parents of Addicted Adults

As a parent of an addicted person, life may be difficult and scary, right from the moment you first realized your adult child had a

A woman in work clothes sitting on bed in meditative position.

How to Cope with the Holidays in Recovery

Are you one of those people who gets sad or down in the winter months, especially during the holiday season? If so, you’re not alone.

healthy woman smiling at a table holding coffee

Building Self-Esteem As You Get Clean

For many people new to recovery, self-esteem and self-worth are things they’ve lacked in their recent history. Addiction isn’t fun, and sometimes it can cause

serious looking woman holding anger sign

5 Tips for Coping With Anger

In recovery, like life, there are a lot of emotions and situations you’ll learn how to cope with. From time to time, you’ll end up

photo of a woman upset who has trauma

What Does Trauma Have to Do With Addiction?

For many women in recovery, trauma is something they have experienced. Whether this trauma stems from a single event or events throughout life, its effects

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