Zohydro Addiction

Zohydro or hydrocodone bitartrate, a high potent pain killer, has recently been approved by the FDA and sparked anew the tension that exists between chronic pain relief and addiction. The drug is designed to slow-release the opioid hydrocodone in doses up to 50mg, five times the amount of hydrocodone in similar extended-release drugs.

The manufacturers of Zohydro maintain that the effectiveness lies in the simplicity of the drug which contains only hydrocodone, unlike other pain killers which contain hyrocodone together with acetaminophen which they claim is the major cause of liver failure from overdose in the USA.

Chronic pain affects millions of people in the US and more opioids are prescribed every year with a ten-fold increase since 1990. Over the same period of time the rate of death from overdose has more than tripled as a result.

Zohydro Addiction usually begins when you are prescribed Zohydro for pain relief and you have been using it regularly for a period of time, you may be in danger of becoming addicted. Zohydro addiction can lead to dependence on other drugs and often progresses to heroin use.

According to the FDA, when taken as directed, Zohydro is safe for pain relief and may even reduce the risk of liver toxicity caused by other preparations which contain hydrocodone and acetaminophen.

However, according to addiction experts, this is not enough to outweigh the danger posed by the extremely high dosage and the lack of effective abuse deterrents. Many believe that Zohydro could ignite a new addiction epidemic accompanied by a new wave of death by overdose.

Getting Help & Zohydro Detox

Acknowledging an addiction problem takes tremendous strength from the individual deciding to change their life and take control again.  A person who has the problem who seeks help should be very proud of themselves.

Drug Addiction affects millions of people and their families worldwide.  It is nothing to be ashamed of because you are not alone.  Every race, social class and culture deals with this issue.

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